Modular Building Institute

Toronto 2015 Pan Am and Para Pan Am Games

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
ATCO Structures & Logistics Ltd.
Mobilfab, Enfab, RG Solutions, & VLM
Toronto, Ontario
Building Use:
Offices, medical, lav, broadcast
Gross Size of Project:
96560 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    For the Toronto 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games, 192 standalone modular units, totaling over 96000 sq.ft. were built for a variety of uses: ticketing booths, broadcast facilities for the media, regular offices, double decker and bleacher offices, medical centres, hybrid toilet units with universal access design, change rooms, showers and lounges for judges and athletes. The upgraded fleet standards from which the units were based feature contemporary two-colour exterior siding, light color interior vinyl covered wall finish, suspended ceilings, and several had large 48" x 96" panoramic windows for broadcasters, judges and games technicians. The ticketing booths were designed by using container structures instead of mobile office units so the ticketing windows would be close to the ground and allowed for universal access without requiring platforms and ramps. Various size units were designed to accommodate the different site conditions at each of the 36 venue sites around Toronto.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    Hybrid toilet units with universal access design gives the client the option to connect the units to either the public services available on site or use pumping services for water and sewage. Motion detectors for the ventilation systems ensure that the system is only active when required. Change and shower units were designed for the updated Ontario barrier-free requirements, which are more stringent than the Canadian National Building Code. Container-type bleacher offices feature large panoramic windows for judges, commentators and technicians. Units were integrated into the construction of the bleachers to give broadcasting personnel unobstructed views. Wheeled broadcast units were designed with a thru-floor cable hatch. Centralized wall mounted HVAC units with programmable thermostats in broadcast, medical and anti-doping units bigger than 32’ ensure temperatures are managed efficiently at all times. A LED lights are installed next to all exterior doors to all units to save energy
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    All units, except for the container-type structures, were built on wheels to offer maneuverability at venues and reduce customers building permits costs. An agreement had been reached between the Games organization and the participating municipalities that all equipment on wheels did not need any building permits. Many units had interior partitions added during- or post-production to meet each venue’s site specific requirements. Many of these were built in a manner that allows for easy removal afterwards, reducing the cost to the client. On a majority of the wheeled equipment, hinged steel landing/steps assemblies were utilized instead of site-built assemblies to reduce installation costs. At several venue sites, ground equipment such as trans-lifts were utilized, instead of craning, to maneuver the units into tight and hard to reach site space, which also reduced the customer's installation costs.
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