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Triumph Modular Website

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Marketing Piece Entry
Triumph Modular
Date of Initial Distribution:

Award Criteria

  1. Specific Medium Used
  2. Target Audience
    Businesses, educational institution prospects, and AEC professionals interested in modular building.
  3. Methodology
    Designed using an expert with modular industry knowledge with educating the visitor in mind.
  4. Message to be Communicated
    Modular construction is evolving as a superior alternative to traditional construction.
  5. Distribution
    Internet based and thru promoted integrated social media campaigns, blogging, print email marketing.
  6. Entry Objective
    Our overall goal was to design a website that was intuitive, interactive, informative and visually appealing. We wanted a website to draw website visitors in without a lot of distractions. Triumph has consistently strived to offers educational content about modular buildings as well as project details to showcase our projects as innovative solutions to delivering modular buildings that people enjoy occupying. We wanted to eliminate confusing pathways and surprising outcomes by offering clean navigation prominently on the left side where is remains visible throughout browsing. Breadcrumb trails are included at the top of each page as well. Lead generation techniques were included in order to offer prospects multiple opportunities to request information or download information in exchange for contact details throughout the site. For the duration of the project, we kept a constant eye on search engine optimization.
  7. Effect on Sales, Visits, or Inquiries
    In the first 4 months of the website’s relaunch we received 20,000 visits and 6000 Blog visits resulting in over 125 inquiries and requests for quotes. Using responsive technologies, a Live Chat feature and integrated delivery tracking. Awareness was increased thru a press release receiving 48,426 headline Impressions, 86% from News Aggregators, 1293 Full press release downloads, 3622 Media Deliveries, with a total 232 Online News Pickups. Improved navigation easily guides the visitor to find the information they are looking for. The educational component regarding modular construction for visitors was always kept in the forefront. Using the latest in inbound marketing, landing pages, offers, resource library Triumph Modular has become the go to website for those in the New England area to learn more about modular construction methods.
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