AS Flex Video


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Main Category: Marketing Piece Entry
Entrant: Williams Scotsman
Date of Initial Distribution: 10/28/2015

Award Criteria

  1. Specific Medium Used


  2. Target Audience

    AS Flex targets customers who want an upscale presence on site and/or have limited space available.

  3. Methodology

    Our goal was to show how the product is assembled then show the many ways it can be used.

  4. Message to be Communicated

    AS Flex is versatile and saves customers on assembly time, delivery costs, and accessibility costs.

  5. Distribution

    The AS Flex video is used on our website, YouTube, Vimeo, sales meetings, and trade shows.

  6. Entry Objective

    AS Flex is based on a successful European product but is a new concept to the North American market. We wanted to show its flexibility, versatility, exterior and interior visual appeal, and innovative properties to a customer base unfamiliar with a panelized product. It offers a compact, on-site footprint with the option of expanding vertically – up top three floors – rather than just the traditional horizontal plan. The product is best experienced in person but a good multimedia presentation can also provide customers with the full impact of the product. The video begins with the product’s assembly, highlighting the panel configurations that make it customizable. When assembled we see it set on site and learn about its features and benefits. Lastly, we see a variety of solutions AS Flex delivers: offices, media centers, retail showcases, hospitality and locker rooms. It challenges the customer’s imagination then by asking the question: what can you do with an AS Flex?

  7. Effect on Sales, Visits, or Inquiries

    Seeing the AS Flex either in person or in our video makes the most positive impression on potential customers. The video allows customers to view a variety of applications for the product and they can then visualize how the product can work for them. To date, the AS Flex video has received 483 views on and 2,314 views on YouTube. In addition, the video draws potential customers into our trade show booth resulting in more detailed follow up visits after the event.