Tecno Fast Home Website


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Main Category: Marketing Piece Entry
Entrant: Tecno Fast S.A.
Date of Initial Distribution: 10/29/2015

Award Criteria

  1. Specific Medium Used

    Digital Marketing

  2. Target Audience

    Men and women between 30 to 70 years looking for a new summerhouse.

  3. Methodology

    Born from our consumer doubts about the modular construction.

  4. Message to be Communicated

    Meet the modular construction, now you can be the architect to set up your dream home.

  5. Distribution

    We use digital marketing tools such as Facebook ads and Google adwords.

  6. Entry Objective

    Educate and inform about the benefits of modular construction with an entertaining and simple to navigate website.

  7. Effect on Sales, Visits, or Inquiries

    The site has about 20,000 monthly visits. Quotes: approx 90 monthly contributions. Database: We have made a database of over 4,000 interested customers to date.