Modular Building Institute

Woman’s Hospital of Texas

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
Blox, LLC
Houston, TX
Building Use:
Woman and Infant Hospital
Gross Size of Project:
72000 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    BLOX was formed to create a better way of building. The initial focus has been on patient rooms, which are being manufactured in four parts: headwall, footwall, sinkwall and bathroom. Patients rooms were the low hanging fruit and with greatest immediate impact on the critical construction path. A typical hospital patient room toilet contains 800 components field installed by a dozen trades over a three-month span. Imagine replacing that complexity with a single component, installed by a single trade in a day. Now imagine the benefit of doing that a hundred times on project, on a hundred projects. BLOX manufactured and installed 9 bathrooms, 4 sinkwalls, 5 footwalls, and 9 headwalls. This project was the first that used BLOX modular components developed specifically to this owner’s design standards. The pilot project and successful implementation served as a launching pad for future projects. The bathroom units were 55sf and approximately 7’-7”x7’-10’.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    BLOX modules are four dimensional and smart. We embed scoping documents, regulatory submissions, shop drawings, installation sequencing, tolerances, construction templates, connection details, quality control manuals, warranties and maintenance manuals in your Toolset. Everything you need, all in one spot. The modules are constructed by skilled labors as part of a lean manufacturing process. The assembly line has a constant feedback loop that results in outstanding quality, far superior to what is constructed in the field. Once the modules are complete they are shipped to the jobsite, flown into the building, and installed by our experienced installation crew. Advance offsite modular construction and the speed of installation result in a finished product months ahead of traditional construction methods. By taking some of the most complex components off of the jobsite, it reduces the complexity of the site of allows for better organization of the remaining material and workers.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    BLOX has proven that it can cut 3 months off of a 100 bed hospital construction project, with no increase in costs. The average revenue per bed for these facilities is $3,000 per day. A 100 bed facility generates $300,000 in revenue per day, or $9 million a month. By implementing modular components and opening 3 months sooner, the hospital earns an additional $27 million in revenue. Modular innovation is creating real value for our clients and driving an outstanding return on investment.
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