Modular Building Institute

Moose Haven Kitchen

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
Alta-Fab Structures Ltd.
Conklin, Alberta
Building Use:
Remote Site Amenities
Gross Size of Project:
10800 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    The Moose Haven Kitchen project provided the manufacturers with the opportunity to create a functional space that incorporates modern aesthetics. The restaurant style seating, complete with booths, bistro-style seating with stools, countertop seating, and large dining room tables, offers guests a warm, welcoming, familiar setting. The specialized lighting has been designed specifically for different seating areas to allow diners to self-select the most comfortable seating option for them. Natural light flows into the space through large windows, wood grain flooring is attractive and durable, and the colour tones are selected for their warmth. The flow of people through the structure was also considered, and, through a number of innovative design decisions, the structure directs traffic, reduces line lengths, and eliminates congestion points. Finally, the bathrooms have been fit conveniently between the diner and the walkway to allow for versatility in the structure.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    In the design and the manufacturing of the Moose Haven Lodge, all standard building codes were exceeded. Many decisions were made to ensure the structure was designed to be sustainable over time. For example, provisions were included to additional dining capacity should it be required and vestibule provisions were included should the owners require the accommodations be expanded. Within the structure a number of innovations were also included. The dining room, mud room, and kitchen were all designed to eliminate unwanted odors while promoting the continuous circulation of clean, fresh air. A number of design solutions were implemented to tackle common kitchen challenges, including: three separate service lines to customize meals, designated kitchen stations for specialized cooking staff, lunch pick up area near the front of the complex for convenient grab-and-go meals, and separate salad and drink stations to eliminate congestion.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    The Moose Haven kitchen is a high efficiency, high quality structure that’s added a number of elements to reduce both initial and long-term costs. Operational costs were reduced through the inclusion of triple glazed windows, high efficiency water heaters, and the provision for additional dining capacity should the need arise. Construction costs were reduced through the use of our in-house manufactured line of doors, which were produced at a lower cost and boast a longer service life than commercially available doors, and our in-house welding shop, which produced the necessary metal skids and accessories at a lower price.
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