Modular Building Institute

Bus Shelter

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
Alta-Fab Structures Ltd.
Nisku, Alberta
Building Use:
Customized bus shelter
Gross Size of Project:
812 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    This is an attractive, functional modular structure with the potential to be utilized for a variety of purposes. The module incorporates a rounded structural skeleton that works with exposed, curved wooden beams to create a unique aesthetic both inside and out. With an inviting fireplace, attractive bench seating, and tables and soft seating available inside, the space can be accommodating for multiple uses. Whether being used for a commissary, small storefront, lounge, boardroom, executive office, security station, or bus shelter, the structure’s layout and aesthetic creates an inviting environment. The structure also includes large, panoramic windows allows all individuals inside excellent views of the surrounding environment. The awnings on each end also provides those outside with shelter from the elements. Finally, three materials, wood, metal, and stone, were all used in the design to ensure the structure looked attractive while remaining rugged and functional.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    Alta-Fab’s beautifully manufactured structure incorporates a number of technical innovations. Because the structure was to be used as a hub, high levels of foot traffic were expected. To combat the wear on the structure, the highest quality materials were used during manufacturing. The roof and wall feature an insulated panel and a curbed wall solution. Dec Tek flooring was used to ensure ease of maintenance and cleaning at all times. Triple glazed windows were installed throughout to improve energy conservation. Solid wood beams and solid stone were used as materials, which are attractive and impressive, while at the same time incredibly durable. Finally, to ensure individuals could have access to their mobile devices no matter where they were headed, charging stations have been included throughout the module.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    To ensure owners could enjoy low operating costs, a number of efficiencies were built into the structure. First of all, the high efficient fireplace helps guests to stay warm while at the same time minimizing the required energy and, thereby, reducing costs. To keep the heat in that the fireplace generates, the manufacturers included triple pane tinted windows. One of the biggest of building cost effectiveness into a structure is versatility. The more the module can be used for, the more efficient the cost. For that reason this structure has been designed to serve multiple applications. The interior open concept with natural lighting provides a pleasant meeting area, and the covered exterior lend the structure to multiple uses.
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