Modular Building Institute

Veterans Affairs Psychiatric Hospital

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
Silver Creek Industries
DWG & Associates, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA
Building Use:
Medical Clinic
Gross Size of Project:
25520 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    Due to the design build project delivery system utilized, Silver Creek and the design architect collaborated from the project onset to provide a building which not only seamlessly fits into the existing design of the surrounding medical campus, but also maximizes the benefit of modular construction. The project consists of a two story structure which houses 30 exam rooms, 59 offices and consultation rooms, 2 break rooms, 6 waiting rooms, a large multi-purpose space and all necessary supporting spaces. The building’s exterior consists of two-tone stucco with bronze aluminum window and door systems to match the adjacent structures. The building interior utilizes various color and finish material schemes to develop clearly defined operational spaces and provide context to the occupants. The final building reflects the coordinated efforts of the design team and construction team to provide a client focused experience.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    The program requirements provided by the client required the building to utilize a central corridor system as well as provide a large outdoor space within the confines of the building. To meet these requirements Silver Creek developed series of specialized building frames which utilized offset columns and cantilevered beams to accommodate the corridors. The building utilized larger than typical modules (14’x60’) with concrete floor decks and 13’ floor to floor heights. The delivery of the modules to the project site required the preparation of specialized shipping systems in order to accommodate the size and weight of the modules as well as mitigating the access issues present at the project site. Special planning was used to organize the interior spaces in a manner which minimized the amount of “close-up” work that would be done on site at the module joint locations.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    Due to the complexity and scope of the project, the ability to perform the work in a factory environment provided the opportunity for significant cost reductions and increased quality control measures. The careful placement of the offices and exam rooms resulted in a vast majority of those spaces being enclosed on all sides within a single module. All of the enclosed spaces were fully finished in the factory (casework, flooring, ceiling, paint) in order to reduce the costs associated with work performed on-site. Spaces that could not be enclosed due to size or location were partially finished in the factory and wherever possible the remaining finishes were pre-cut in order to minimize the duration of work on site.
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