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Covenant Church

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Modular Building Design
Modern Building Systems, Inc.
Modern Building Systems, Inc.
Spokane, WA
Building Use:
Gross Size of Project:
3584 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    This design-build project involved the construction of a new 3584 square foot church for a growing congregation in Spokane, Washington. This single-story modular building was designed with a “Northwest” style, featuring an architectural-shingle roof, with concrete lap-siding on the lower half and board and batt siding on the upper half. The church also featured a large front portico, which provided a focal point for the building and provided a much-needed covered meeting area for their members. The structure also showcased oval-topped insulated, low-e windows, to soften the appearance and distinguish itself from the nearby homes and businesses. The interior featured an 11’ cathedral ceiling in the sanctuary, with an exposed, walnut-stained glu-lam support beam which added character to the sanctuary. The balance of the interior featured painted sheetrock walls, stained wood doors and trims, a sound-rated partition wall, a full-kitchen with appliances, plus offices and storage.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    Due to the modules being delivered in winter, the building was designed with a temporary weather-tight roof to protect the modules from hail and snow damage during the installation. The permanent roof utilized a panelized roof system, whereby each module had the peak of the roof folded-over for erection on site. The six man crew craned, lifted and pivoted the roof system into place, completing the weathering-in of the roof. This approach saved having to build a large percentage of the roof on-site, while still providing vaulted ceilings, minimizing potential weather damage, saving both money and time. The building also utilized high-performance carpet tiles, which featured a mold and bacteria inhibitor built-in to the fabric, preventing moisture from passing through to the wood floor decking. Solid yet affordable ceramic tiles were installed at both entry locations, providing better floor protection during the icy winter months.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    This new assembly building utilized a wide-range of environmentally friendly, energy-saving features. Some of those features include electric high-efficiency pad-mounted heat-pumps, insulated low-e gridded windows (36 U-Value), insulated steel exterior doors, building wrapping material, motion sensors for florescent lighting, plus other automated occupancy sensors. The building also meets the new, more stringent energy requirements on insulation values (R30 floor, R21 exterior walls, and R38 roof). The construction process continues to utilize standardized building materials whenever possible, for superior efficiency and cost effectiveness, such as: wood sheathing, wood decking, sheetrock interior walls, etc. Lastly, our on-going recycling program achieves continued success, by limiting waste materials and the reuse of recycled materials (in floors, ceilings, siding and insulation).
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