Modular Building Institute

Bank of Montreal Branch

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
Metric Modular
High Level, Alberta
Building Use:
Bank Branch
Gross Size of Project:
2665 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    This full-service Bank of Montreal branch includes a bank vault with safety deposit box features, private offices, file storage, an ATM, staff room, washrooms and a large banking hall. The bank vault was installed before the arrival of the modules. The module that was designed to be around the vault had a temporary floor area that was removed prior to installation and carefully lowered onto the foundation, enclosing the vault. Finish details and building placement were dictated by the surrounding existing commercial development in the downtown area of High Level, Alberta.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    The design of the building included exterior concrete-finished rigid insulation tiles for added exterior envelope energy efficiency. The mechanical systems and lighting were also high-efficiency. The exterior building finishes, including the BMO signature blue metal panels at the bank entrance, were pre-installed in our modular construction facility to save time on site.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    The collaboration between Britco and PCL meant that both partners were able to focus on their key construction strengths resulting in maximum efficiency and cost savings for the client. Efforts were made to maximize the amount of finishing done in our facility prior to shipping to increase construction efficiencies and reduce timelines on site. Installation of the pre-finished signature Blue metal panels in our facility meant that significant cost and time savings were achieved by not having suppliers travel to the site in winter months after the modules were installed. Some finish materials required on site were prepared, labelled and stored inside the modules during shipping to save measuring and preparation time on site, as well as delivery charges.
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