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Entry Control Facility

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
Satellite Shelters, Inc.
Porta-King Building Systems
Colorado Springs, CO
Building Use:
Gross Size of Project:
565 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    The Entry Control Facility is comprised of 400 square feet of Level 8 bullet proof office and monitoring space with a 165 square feet check in enclosure. The responsibilities that security personnel undertake everyday to protect others is challenging and the building was provided to meet their needs with restroom facilities and fully climate controlled for all weather conditions. Windows are strategically placed to monitor all site activities as well as inbound and outbound traffic. Doors and hardware are specified and provided to meet the highest criteria of government security. The building structural design and all welded construction provide the ability for relocation as required with roof top lifting points.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    The Entry Control Facility was manufactured to meet UL 752 Level 8 construction defined to be resistive to a 7.62mm Rifle Lead Core Full Metal Copper Jacket Military Ball (.308 Caliber). This requires omega armour plate steel welded construction and components. Highly sensitive communication equipment is installed by specialists after the building is in place and this requires the design and coordination of access points and sleeves. The electrical system is custom designed to meet the specifications of the security hardware and turnstile including surge and lightning protection. To provide the highest level of security the Level 8 construction includes the roof with the floor was provided with aluminum plate treading.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    The Colorado climate was considered in the neutral exterior color selection to maximize the radiant sun in the summer and minimize heat transference in the summer. A split Mitsubishi system with dual condensate units was provided to provide proper zoning of the heat and air-conditioning required for the specialized equipment sensitive to temperature variance. To maximize electric utilization at the site 3-phase panels were provided. To meet Level 8 bullet resistant requirements the walls and roof were provided with omega armour plate steel and the glazing clear glass clad carbonate. Doors and frames provided were as specified to meet UL Level 8 bullet resistant criteria.
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