Modular Building Institute

Mojave Solar Project

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
Universal Modular Building Solutions, Inc.
Walden Structures
Hinkley, CA
Building Use:
Administration/Control Buildings
Gross Size of Project:
17932 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    Two Administration and Control Buildings for a 250 Mega Watt Concentrating Solar Power Plant. Originally designed as a Pre-Engineered Steel Building but converted to use Modular Technology due to the remote site, schedule, and cost. Each building is a 2 story with a total of 8996 sq ft with 7144 sq ft of operations/administrative space and 1822 sq ft of second floor control room space. Interior and exterior steel stairs and landings combined with enclosed modular elevator to meet ADA requirements. Administrative offices, mechanical/electrical room, kitchen, break room, male, female shower and locker rooms with restrooms. Upstairs Solar Plant Control Room with wall mounted video screens. Building exterior is 26 Gauge PBR Galvalume siding with baked enamel finish to match the desert environment. 28 modules (14)12x63, (4)12x67, (2)12x30,on the 1st floor and (2)12x43, (2)12x51, and (4)12x30 on the 2nd floor. The multiple module sizes were required to meet the customer’s specific layout.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    Due to the remote and hostile desert environment, factory built construction is well suited for this project. The union workforce and work rules were very stringent and extensive. Modular technology allowed a substantial reduction of onsite labor, vehicular traffic, construction equipment, and construction material waste. Chemical compounds used in the solar process damage standard building flooring and our solution was ceramic tile throughout. Each building has multiple power and data distribution capabilities to every room. There are 2 fire suppression systems. 1 standard water system and 1 clean agent fire suppressant for the control and electrical rooms. Certification for the clean agent system required a vacuum and pressure test to insure the pneumatic integrity of the building. The HVAC system has 100% redundant operation and humidity controls are needed for extensive monitoring and control of the solar power plant operations. All interior walls are insulated for sound reduction
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    This US Department of Energy funded Project is located in a remote area of the California Mojave Desert where environmental concerns were at the forefront. By using modular technology we were able to minimize the impact to the environment by substantially reducing the onsite work force. Daily trips to and from the site by workers were reduced. Construction equipment and materials stored on site create unnatural and dangerous habitat for indigenous and endangered species. There were full time environmental and Native American Archaeological monitors for any disruption of the site and any disturbance to the native flora and fauna. The customer also realized a significant cost savings for the project due to the onsite Project Labor Agreement requiring 100% Union Labor for all on site trades. Relocatability was not relevant to this project as it is a permanent building. The building was installed on solid concrete stem wall and internal piers with a finished floor at 8”above grade.
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