Modular Building Institute

Classrooms to Life Science Space

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Main Category:
Modular Building Design
Triumph Modular
Triumph Modular
Billerica, MA
Building Use:
Biotech Research and Office
Gross Size of Project:
10000 Square Feet
Days to complete:

Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence
    EMD Serono, a dynamic growing bio-technical company, required a wide open facility to accommodate constantly flexing needs in short order. Triumph was able to renovate existing modular units previously used as an eco-friendly temporary classroom complex to fill their need. The exterior HardiePanel® siding which lends clean contemporary lines was painted to blend seamlessly with EMD's adjacent newly constructed facility. In total, 11 modules were used in a rectangular configuration. Interior finishes rivaled those of any permanent state of the art life science facility. Design features include: attractive reception and sitting areas, track and accent lighting, decorative custom mill-work throughout the conference rooms, kitchen and café area, frame-less glass walls, bamboo flooring, marble counter tops, 100+ cubicles, cutting edge audio/visual and lighting controls. Triumph Modular worked determinedly yet swiftly with EMD Serono to create a high-tech life science facility.
  2. Technical Innovation & Sustainability
    EMD's had an urgent need for accommodations for director level staff coming from overseas. Without the inherent speed advantage of using off-site construction, in this case renovated previously used modular units, they may have had to locate the staff off-site. Triumph began with modules designed and built for green minded educational clients in 2011. The building features roof-mounted, high-efficiency HVAC systems with energy recovery ventilators and UV light technology to kills allergens, and large aluminum framed 3’x6’ windows to provide generous ambient light. Low-VOC interior adhesives, coatings and materials were used in the construction. Greenguard certified insulation system for continuous air barrier, heat loss prevention and sound quality was incorporated. The surfaces, materials and colors used in the space are designed to provide vibrancy and inspire creativity, while also promoting health, sustainability, functionality and hygienic ease of maintenance.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    Starting with modular units that had been factory produced with careful consideration to future potential use in 2011 gave this project a unique economic advantage. The original materials were chosen using a life cycle approach with an eye toward cost, durability and eco-friendly properties. The durability and upfront research eased the material cost burden at the time of renovation. Triumph Modular, being a licensed re-manufacturer, was able to complete the vast majority of the renovation work at their facility in Littleton, MA, in a more streamlined, leaner manner than doing the same on-site. The brief but thorough integrated design process with the architect and user enabled us to collectively apply our modular expertise to conserve cost and maximize efficiency. The sum total of initial modular design considerations, fabrication method, team collaboration and employing the life cycle approach to design resulted in a bottom line benefit to EMD Serono.
  4. Project History
    EMD Serono had just completed construction on a $75 million state-of-the-art facility for their Billerica campus. Almost immediately after occupying the new research center, they found a need for additional space. They sought to provide occupants with the same level of comfort as those in the remarkable new facility. Triumph had an off lease solution in eco-friendly modules last used for a large school complex. Therefore, they were able to provide EMD with a long term lease option with a open floor plan to accommodate the flexing needs. The transformation was straightforward from classroom use to business. An interesting detail of this project is that these modular units were installed with an advance look towards EMD's fast growing employee population. They were placed on the property and designed to allow a quick addition to the facility if necessary and in fact Triumph installed an additional three units in August 2013, only 9 months after the first 10,000 square foot installation.
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