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June 2, 2011
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MBI Partners with ICC on Disaster Relief
Charlottesville, VA -  The International Code Council (ICC) and the Modular Building Institute (MBI) have teamed up to assist local Building Officials and Fire Officials in tornado-stricken states that need temporary office spaces.  MBI, through its nationwide membership network, has agreed to work with the ICC to donate up to 10,000 sq. ft. of office space rent free for 12 months.
Recent tornadoes in Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and other states have left trails of death and destruction that have impacted building and fire departments. These affected jurisdictions face extraordinary challenges in the months ahead. Rebuilding safer and stronger communities requires permitting and inspection agencies to be fully functional to support the recovery and rebuilding efforts.
"Building Officials and other responders are critical to the recovery of our communities and it is important that these officials be in the best position to help," Code Council CEO Richard P. Weiland said. "Many of these individuals have suffered their own personal losses but are putting their professional responsibilities ahead of themselves, joining the searches for survivors, ensuring the remaining buildings are safe for occupancy and doing what they have been trained to do every day on their jobs. We are grateful to the Modular Building Institute for its commitment to safety and generous offer to donate office space."
"Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of these natural disasters," said Tom Hardiman, Director of MBI. "I’m glad our industry is in a position to help respond."
Communities seeking the office spaces will need to provide transport and installation costs and work with MBI members on logistical matters. If your jurisdiction has been affected by a tornado or you know of an ICC Member Jurisdictions in need of assistance, call the Code Council's DISASTER SUPPORT HOTLINE at 888-422-7233 4HELP (ext. 44357).
About ICC

The International Code Council, a membership association dedicated to building safety, fire prevention and energy efficiency, develops the codes used to construct residential and commercial buildings, including homes and schools. Most U.S. cities, counties and states choose the International Codes, building safety codes developed by the International Code Council. The International Codes also serve as the basis for construction of federal properties around the world, and as a reference for many nations outside the United States.
About MBI

The Modular Building Institute (MBI) is the international non-profit trade association serving non-residential modular construction. Members include providers of code compliant relocatable buildings, as well as permanent modular construction contractors and suppliers. It is MBI’s mission to expand the use of offsite construction through innovative construction practices, outreach and education to the construction community and customers, and recognition of high quality modular designs and facilities.
MBI also administers an educational foundation established specifically to facilitate and deliver research and educational opportunities in the form of design competitions, scholarships and partnerships with leading research entities with an interest in advancing commercial modular construction.

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