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December 13, 2006
Contact: Tom Hardiman
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MBI Panels Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools Symposium in Washington, DC

Charlottesville, VA - The Modular Building Institute (MBI) has worked with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to provide portable classroom resources that would educate users on the importance of portable classroom maintenance for healthy indoor air quality. MBI presented its Portables Toolkit: A Toolkit for Parents and School Administrators in the Successful Use of Portable and Relocatable Classrooms to an audience of over 500 school district officials on December 8 at the 7th Annual Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools Symposium hosted by the EPA.

Portable classrooms, already built to code, are not unlike permanent classrooms in that they need to be properly maintained, cleaned, and renovated or replaced when beyond their life-cycle. To promote the message, MBI created a toolkit of resources and articles aimed at helping portables purchasers in maintaining a healthy classroom space. MBI published the toolkit for the first time in 2006 and has actively sought to distribute it at school-management events and through related agencies like the EPA. The toolkit is downloadable from MBI's website, as well as the National Clearing House for Educational Facilities (NCEF).

MBI's Portables Toolkit stresses five critical areas that portables purchasers must consider for successful use of temporary spaces: owner responsibility, vendor selection, collaboration of parties in the installation process, proper maintenance, and ways to reach the industry for help. The kit is a free resource being offered to any parent, teacher, or school district administrator who needs it.

"We are excited to be able to work with school officials and other stakeholders in discussions that promote healthy classroom environments," said Tom Hardiman, MBI's Executive Director. Hardiman goes on to explain that MBI estimates approximately 300,000 relocatable classrooms are in use across the United States, housing more than 5,000,000 children annually. "Our provision of a portables toolkit stresses the collaborative role our industry and school stakeholders share in ensuring a healthy learning environment in new school spaces."

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